chafing is fucking bullshit

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Movie poster; Amnesia
Movie poster; Amnesia
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I wish that I could wake up with   a m n e s i a
    and forget about the  s t u p i d   l i t t l e   t h i n g s

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Just four Aussie boys. Really.

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No matter how much I eat, there’s always room for dessert.

Dessert doesn’t go to the stomach.

Dessert goes to the heart.

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god i wanna cuddle someone so fucking much right now sigh

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Honestly, I feel my best when I'm wearing lace underwear or underwear that has lace on it. It's empowering because it's like you know you look sexy if you're out somewhere and get lucky, but then again it's like feminine and dainty.


agreed. i’ve never been lucky enough to ‘get lucky’, but i’ll tell you what. nothing feels better than knowing you’ve got some hot ass underwear on because at least you’re gonna look smokin if something does happen. :)

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i love how so many of my followers are giving me tips on where to get cute, lacey underwear and how great it feels

ugh, you guys are the best, okay :)

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